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ALL COMMON SYMBOLOGIES i.e. Bar-code languages are available on Thermal Printers.

DENSITY Bar-codes can be printed up to the highest (most compact) Densities.

THERMAL PRINTERS are available in widths from 3" wide through to 8.5" wide.

RESOLUTION Thermal Head arrays vary in choice from 6 dots/mm (ideal for EAN) to 12 dots/mm (300 dpi) Most common (standard) is around 7.6 to 8 dots/mm (208 dpi).


HEIGHT Bar-codes can be any height but consider how the bar-code is being read. If a Pen/Wand is used, its height should be sufficient (at least 15mm) to accommodate the natural curve made by the hand of the operator. Laser Scanners or CCD's will read much smaller (4mm) bar-codes.

ORIENTATION Best Quality Bar-codes are produced on a thermal printer with the bar-code created at right angles to the head (i.e. normal printing = 'Fence' Style). Printing the bars parallel to the head ('Ladder' style) produces acceptable quality but inferior to its normal print orientation. If this is unavoidable then select medium or low-density bar-codes, or use a higher resolution head (Adjustments to speed and/or temperature will also assist in improving resolution).

Remember the Thermal Head has a finite life. Normally the Thermal Head is guaranteed for 30 to 50 kilometers of printing. (depends on manufacturer)



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