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  OIL / OFF-SHORE INDUSTRIES Mono and Colour label printers, Dot Matrix printers, Bar-code scanners, Label design software.

HI-TECH / I.T. MANUFACTURERS Bar-code printers, Laser/Line printers, Cordless Bar-code scanners, Portable data capture, Touch screen monitors.

RETAIL SECTOR Garment tags, Bar-code printers and scanners, Line and Laser printers, Portable data capture, Personal computers, Till Receipt printers, Bar code verifiers.

HEALTH AUTHORITIES Line printers, Laser and colour printers, Thermal Bar-code printers, Bar-code scanners, Plotters, Dot matrix printers, Label design software.

FOOD MANUFACTURERS / SUPPLIERS Product labels, Outer-case Bar-code labels, Label printers, Bar-code scanners, Laser and impact printers, Bar-code verifiers.

THE WHISKY INDUSTRY Thermal Bar-code printers, Label design software, 'Stand-alone' printing facility.

TIMBER MERCHANTS All weather timber tags, Label printers and Bar-code scanners.

DISTRICT COUNCILS Line/Laser and Matrix printers, Bar-code scanners, Forms creation software.

FINANCIAL / EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS (Banks, Schools, Universities and Authorities) Personal computers, Laser/Impact printers, Bar-code printers, Portable data capture.


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