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  There are two types of Thermal Printing

DIRECT THERMAL is produced without the use of a ribbon but requires special 'ink-impregnated' paper. Take care, the ink in this type of paper can be brought to the surface by any heat source:- sunlight, radiators etc. Direct Thermal is not recommended where any reasonable life is expected from the finished print.

THERMAL TRANSFER is produced by transferring (by heat) ink from a film ribbon (foil) to label media. This provides for durable printing and can be achieved on a variety of materials:- card, matt & gloss paper,polyester, vinyl, plastic etc. Tests should be made to ensure ribbon compatibility with label media.

THE FINAL PRINT QUALITY is determined by the surface of the media and the type of ribbon utilised. Other factors such as head temperatures, speed and orientation (esp with Bar-codes), also play a major role in quality of output.


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